Sunday, December 20, 2020

Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen multiple posts and articles regarding the planetary conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, which is set to be at its closest proximity on December 212020, which is also the winter solstice.

Many Christians are attempting to tie this alignment to something positively prophetic, and some are even calling it the return of the “Star of Bethlehem.”

First, let me start off by saying that the conjunction that is happening is in fact NOT in association with what was known as the star of Bethlehem. This is due to the fact that although Jupiter, which is also called the “king planet” was a part of the star of Bethlehem alignment, Saturn was not. Through mapping the history of planetary alignments, it is believed that it was Venus (also deemed the bright and morning star) that was a part of the conjunction that led the Magi to Christ. The wise men, or “Magi” where the Chaldeans that first settled in ancient Mesopotamia, later called Babylon, and were known for their understanding of astronomy, medicine, and literature.

But the more important thing I would like to address is what perhaps is the meaning of this conjunction happening at the end of a tumultuous year…and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with holiness.

As I stated earlier, Jupiter is known as the “king planet” according to Babylonian astrology, and depending on the planetary conjunctions, Jupiter was often associated with the incoming of a new king (hence, why the Magi knew a king had been born in Judea around 4 BC).

Saturn’s association, however, has to do with something even more unique.

In Roman mythology, Saturn is known as the god of wealth, agriculture, peace and liberation (through war). He was often depicted as the god of the “Golden Age” which was associated with a time of plenty and peace. But Saturn worship goes back further than Rome. In fact, Saturn’s original Babylonian (or ancient Mesopotamian) name was Ninutra; who was worshipped as the god of agriculture and war. Ninutra was also known as “The Mighty Hunter”.

Ladies and gentlemen…Ninutra is none other then, Nimrod!

Now, let’s talk about the winter solstice.

Scientifically, the winter solstice is when the earth’s poles (north and south) are at its furthest tilt away from the sun, hence produces the longest night of the year. In paganism, the winter solstice is represented through the “yuletide” which is the celebration of the rebirth of the “Great Horned Hunter god” in a time of darkness, and is demonstrated through the image of the yule goat. The holiday décor consists of evergreen garland, wreaths, holly berries, mistletoe, candles, pine [trees & cones], gifts, and the burning of the yule log.

When we look at the biblical meaning of the goat, it is depicted as someone who has gone astray, or has rebelled. It also represents sin as the scapegoat. Thus, we get the image of Satan who is also called the "goat head" or as others know as Baphomet.  

Putting it together…

In Genesis 1:14 it states, “Then God said, ‘Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs and seasons…’”

When read in Hebrew, the word “sign” is  אוֹת (owth), which would properly translate into “omen” or “miracle.”

The word “season” is יָעַד (moed), which is properly translated as “appointed times.”

So in other words, God created the sun, moon and stars for omens[signs] and appointed times[seasons].

I would like to add that the planetary conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn are also within the alignment of the constellation Capricorn, whose image is also that of a goat…during the winter solstice (yule goat). Also, it will take place during the crescent moon phase, which is a time of high sorcery symbolizing "rebirth". You will find that in the image of Baphomet, crescent moons are at his ascending and descending hands. 

So what is all of this saying?

If I were to tell you a story of what is aligning in the heavens at the end of a year that literally began the end of everything we considered “normal,” it would go like this…

The heavens are telling us that there is a king that is about to rise, who will bring about a New Age of unity and [false] peace. He will be a great man, one who conquers (as the great hunter, Nimrod), but his image and character will be that of the goat (Satan); born forth in darkness, cult, and deceit.

It is the sign of the rise of the Beast.

Several months ago, I did a two-part audio podcast called; “The Rise of Babylon & The Return of Nimrod.” In this podcast, I go through the history of pagan religion and how it all started with Nimrod, and at the end, the rise of the Beast (antichrist) will also be a depiction of the return of Nimrod worship.

Audio Podcast Link:

On October 3, 2020, the Lord spoke to me and said, “Tell my children that a season of great testing is coming. Those who remain in Me will endure and come out victorious. But those who are not rooted in Me will lose faith and fall by the wayside.”

Saints, we are entering into a time of persecution, and many are not prepared. We are at the precipice of the end of the [church] age, and the great tribulation. And although the Bride is not appointed to wrath (1 Thessalonians 5:9), it does not mean that we will not see and experience trials and persecution. What has unfolded in 2020 should be proof of this. Yet many Christians are still living under the illusion that we're NOT at the end of the age, that good times are still ahead, the great awakening (which is a new age term used in the church) is coming, and America will be great. 

These are all lies. Trouble is coming...trouble is already here. And for many, it will overtake them as a flood. 

We need to make sure in the coming year that we are ground-rooted in the One who is unshakeable (Jesus Christ), because all things are about to be shaken.  

As with all things, take this to prayer for confirmation.

Mena Lee Jones
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries

©2020 – All Rights Reserve


  1. i do agree about tough times coming ...too many are focused on rapture to beam them away ...scripture says that the man of sin must be revealed ...he will make war with the saints ...make america great is an illusion...for an awakening to occur must be repentance before much going on with agenda our goverements around the world doing ...they want the soul of mankind much information i have learned about the what inside the vaccines and why 5G is going everywhere and technology of elon musk will do to merge man with ai..the next event that is coming is disclosure of aliens deception is getting thicker to ensnare the lost

  2. Good read. I wrote a very similar article about this event several months back.

  3. Dear Mena thank you for this confirmation! I realized last Sunday that this sign is coming on the 6th day of the Hebrew month of Tevet. Over the past month jupiter and Saturn have been creating an exact letter V in the sky as they've come together. V or vev in Hebrew is the 6th letter and also represents 6,000. Saturn is the 6th planet. Also the story of Saturn and Jupiter mirrors the story of the woman in Revelation 12. So while the mark of the beast can seem scary there's also a lot of hope! The age of a man or men/mankind and Satan who has ruled us for 6,000 years is almost over. Christ will take over and we will live in a more perfect world!

    1. Amen thank you we still hope in Christ our lord

  4. Also felt prompted to put out a video today that goes along with all this. Please check it out if you feel so inspired ❤

  5. Thank you Mena this is confirmation for me.

  6. I have pointed this out in numerous places for a couple weeks with no response.
    Saturn=satan...whose son is about to be revealed?.. BEFORE.....
    Is it not a MAJOR prophetic evil event in all of history that YHWH would provide a sign in the heavens to confirm?

  7. This resonates with me I believe it too be true. Im a watchman on the wall too. Here's what the Holy Spirit told me. I'm to tarry not just one hour but this last hour.
    We are to differ from Peter, James and John and tarry..Watch. I have been praying for an awakening not just me but the Church because they slumber. So Ive been instructed to awaken in the wee hours of the morning as a part of intercession to pray for an awakening. That we would keep Watch and tarry with our Lord this last hour. If we are to endure to the end we need that Garden of Gethsemane experience that breaks us to the point of Not my will but Thine" and we need to stay awake for that. The disciples missed out they slumbered and ran from that pivotal moment. Praise Jesus for His mercy for they were ultimately had victory!! But,there experience that night teaches us to stay awake and keep close to the Savior. This time we need to tarry and not slumber we need His Holy Spirit and Fire to awaken us without this we will not endure to the end. Im so glad you informed us and studied out all this for us because I had heard all this about the Bethlem star but I believe this already happened a few years ago isn't that right?

    1. this comment hit my soul so deeply of gethsemane....omgosh the Lord is keeping me ...been asking HIM to keep me awake during the hours of 3am and 4am ..
      If we are to endure to the end we need that Garden of Gethsemane experience that breaks us to the point of Not my will but Thine" and we need to stay awake for that.
      open my eyes open my eyes open my eyes with that comment thank you

  8. i've had a weird feeling about the conjunction being tied to something bad for some time now.
    i've had alot of tribulation and struggle in my own life due to the sins of others, and this year has been the cake topper :(
    i really hope for a pre-trib rapture, but prepare for a mid-to-post
    the scariest part is that i'm pretty sure that pre-trib isn't going to happen after all as we seem to be already in the tribulation, and my greatest fears are for my children.i have 10 kids, and all of them are still young.

  9. Pastor Lynn you are so right about tarrying...I had a bout of being awakened between 2-4am from dreams and to write down words from the Lord and at the end I would hear tarry, tarry. I endured for a while but began to feel and heavy slumber night after night and fall back to sleep... I began to reflect on the disciples falling asleep in the garden ...... and felt as though these are the last moments to receive instruction before the great testing... now I have confirmation... I pray that Gods people endure to the end...I wrote the last few messages I received at A few were regarding the man of sin, the lawless one arrival... God Bless and Shalom... Pray for me

    1. im here too in chicago awake in the tarry hours very powerful commment Pastor Lynn said ,,,going to share it

    2. Can somebody help me?.. I couldn't sleep last night.. I heard a funny word for 1st time.. SHPOKANINE.. is there even such a word??

  10. I totally agree with you. It is an omen of something rising that is very sinister. We need to stay anchored in Jesus and keep our armor on! As always I appreciate your posts.

  11. Thank you for this post and word God bless you in Jesus. The Lord just had me read Matt 11-13 with emphasis on the parable of the sower. Thank you God bless you brothers and sisters in Christ with thanksgiving. Amen.

  12. Yah has been letting me learn almost 90% of what you have stated here! I thank Jim for your ministry and am grateful!