Wednesday, January 29, 2014


At 2:41 this morning, the Lord, Jesus came to me. He said, "Death to the finances." He then said, "A recession behind the recession." I asked, "Lord, what are you talking about?" He continued, "Tell my children that a recession is coming behind the recession. Many companies will close, small businesses will crumble and more jobs will be lost" 

A calendar appeared in front of me, with the last four months of the year listed (i.e. September through December). I then saw a rider on a black horse ride across the pages. I said, "Lord, you said death to the finances; the rider on the black horse means death!" The Lord responded, "No daughter, that is the rider on the pale horse..." I thought to myself, "What was the black horse again?" Then the Holy Spirit interjected; "A days wages for a loaf of bread!" 

The presence of the Lord grew stronger and stronger on me. I felt completely paralyzed. I said, "Lord, if this is you giving this to me, I need a scripture to back up what you are saying." Then, I heard loud and clear, "PSALM 9." I started to cry. "Lord, you're showing me the end of the year! That means we will be here!!!! Lord, when are you coming to get us??? It's getting so bad here. Please help us to endure..." The Lord responded with a calming voice; He said, "Soon my daughter, very, very soon. Do not be afraid. Tell my children they MUST put their trust in me, not the government, jobs, bank accounts, stocks, public assistance, or retirement. These things will fail them! Only I will see them through. Persecution will increase and the time will come when many will go underground, but only for a very short season. I AM COMING!

Saints, Psalm 9 is a psalm of judgement on the nations. It is also a psalm of refuge and protection for those who trust Him. I got up to read it as soon as the presence of God lifted enough for me to move. The title of the psalm in the NLT is "Death of a Son." I thought this was interesting. I was not familiar with the psalm and did not memorize it, therefore it was shocking to find out what it spoke of. I want to encourage everyone to read this scripture. It tells what is ahead. I don't know if the Lord did this in contrary to the State of The Union address last night (I didn't watch it because my mind can't comprehend habitual liars), or if it's just time for judgement to be executed upon this nation; I don't know, maybe both. But I was told to share this with the Body of Christ. We must prepare. Please Share.

Mena Lee Jones
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries