Thursday, August 1, 2013

Monday night while I was in prayer, I had a vision. In this vision, I was looking out of a small window with no glass. I was overlooking the city of Jerusalem. At first glance, everything looked normal, like any average day. I then took a second look, and instantly, everything became chaotic. I saw buildings burning and people running. The vision then ended.

I asked the Lord what was it He was showing me; He then replied, "Jacob's trouble has begun."

A week or so before that, I had a dream. In this dream, John Kerry was standing before what seemed to be either the senate or congress (I couldn't tell which one it was). He was angry and shaking his fists in the air. He said that we (the United States) will no longer support Israel. He said that Israel had made a mockery of his peace talks by sending him a prostitute and a bottle of wine as a gift. Somehow I knew in the dream that Kerry's secret had been uncovered. My dream then ended.

For those of you who do not know, peace talks have begun again between Israel and Palestine. According to the news, both sides have agreed to the talks over the next nine months. The talks started a few weeks ago in the month of July. In prayer last night, the Lord told me to count the months out. I did this four times not understanding what I was looking for. Then it hit me: nine months from July is next April. Next April is when the first of the blood-moon tetrads appears! It is also the month of Passover.

Coincidence?  I think not.

Saints, we need to make sure our robes are washed, our lamps are full, and that our hearts are pure. The end of the age is upon us, and Yeshua (Jesus) is about to call His Bride home!

Maranatha! {Come Lord Jesus, Come!}

Mena Lee Jones
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries