Thursday, May 29, 2014

For two nights, about three weeks ago, the Lord came to me about a food shortage that will take place.

The first night, I dreamt that I was walking in a beautiful garden with Jesus. We were strolling along as I noticed all of the beautiful flowers and blossomed trees, full of vibrant colors. I was enjoying the sight of this, like candy for my eyes. Then the Lord spoke to me and said; "This is the last season the trees will produce full fruit. Next season, they will not be able to produce." I came out of the dream and thought on what He had said. I automatically associated it with us (His children/The Bride) because we are compared as fruit trees in the scriptures. But the second night, the Lord returned to me again, this time showing me meat. I saw many different ways the people get their meat; hunting, stores, butcher shops etc. The Lord spoke; "Famine is coming! Tell my children to stock up on their food. Famine is coming and prices will soar."

Then last night saints, I had a vision where I saw livestock dying in droves and birds of prey flying high and circling farms. I saw people savaging road kill, like deer, trying to obtain some form of meat with buzzards trailing their pickup trucks.

I also saw something happening with ladybugs. In my vision, I was looking out my window when I saw a ladybug on my pane. The ladybug was sick and barely moving. It had lost its vibrant red color. I know that ladybugs come out in the spring, and they play a huge role in the ecosystem. Many organic farmers use ladybugs as a natural pesticide because they eat crop-devouring insects and larva.

The Lord told me back in February, while I was on my way to Charlotte that a drought was coming. He said the areas where our crops and produce come from will experience blistering heat with little to no rain.

I don't share everything that the Lord gives or shows me. I only share what He has told me to share. With that, I will state that every time I tried to post the two prior dreams, my computer froze or shut down on me. Even today, I've had trouble, but decided to press through no matter what. Everyone needs to know what is coming so that we can prepare accordingly.

Mena Lee Jones
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries