Tuesday, July 12, 2016

At 3:00am I went into a vision. In the vision I was downstairs in my livingroom, looking out the window. It was dawn, like around 5:00am, just when the light begins to creep above the horizon, chasing away the night. I looked up at the sky and noticed that dark clouds began to quickly roll in. All of a sudden, it got really dark. The darkness was that of when a thunderstorm comes in. I looked at the trees and noticed that they began to sway in the wind. Then, it seemed like a second wave of darkness rolled in. Now it was so dark that it looked like night time. I got spooked, and quickly walked down the hallway to look for a light switch to turn on. I then heard these words; "The Storm is Here".

Last year, the Lord instructed me to put out a video titled, "The Storm is Coming". In it, I talked about the judgement that was coming to America because of the sin.

This time, the Lord was letting me know that the storm is no longer "coming", but now is here.

Time's up...

Next I saw many tents going up; like tent revivals. I saw them going up in various places across the country. The Lord spoke to me and said; "The tents will be used to bring in my sheep, because all who have (church) buildings will be forced to conform to the government"

I then saw families standing before me in various compilations. Some had a husband, wife and children. Others were that of single moms, or dads, and finally just couples. One by one, they began to vanish right in front of my eyes. I didn't understand why I was seeing this, so I questioned the vision. The Lord spoke and said, "You will continue to see entire families murdered for various causes. This is due to the increase of demonic activity over the earth. Tell my children to pray my protection over their families, and to take authority; for Satan is lurking at every corner, seeking whom he can devour."  

The Lord also let me know that His army is preparing for battle.

We also need to pray for the state of Pennsylvania. We're about to see something unfold with the people there. I'm not sure what city it will be in, but Satan has plans for this state.

As always Saints, take all that I have given to prayer. Test the spirit with the Holy Spirit who only reveals truth. Darkness will continue to increase, so this is our opportunity to be beacon lights that pierce through the darkness, to lead out those who are lost.

Mena Lee Jones
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries