Tuesday, May 28, 2019

I would like to share three visions that were given to me over the last several weeks.

For those who are subscribed to our YouTube page, you know that I mentioned in several videos (going back to October 2018) about a coming famine, an earthquake, and catastrophic flooding.

Well, the Lord has continued to show more flooding...

First Vision

This time, I saw parts of I-95 (which runs north/south on the east coast) under water. I saw more rivers coming out of their banks and cities being evacuated.

I also saw the state of Virginia impacted by the flooding. Why I was specifically shown Virginia where the other parts were just I-95 (although the highway runs through the state), I'm not sure, except to say that flooding will impact this state.

Back in March, I posted a video informing the people that the Lord said He would divide the land(s) with water.

Since then, the country has been devastated with catastrophic events that directly involved water or resulted in flooding.

What the media is NOT telling you, is that the farmlands have now been completely washed out, and the grains (corn, soy and wheat) that were stored last season have been ruined by the flooding, as well as the top soil that would have allowed planting for this season. Therefore, the 2019 harvest has been wiped out before it could even start.

This means there will be a food shortage.

Second Vision

The second vision that was given to me was about some sort of an attack on an undisclosed city in the US.

I was shown the aftermath of this event. There were buildings that had holes blown into it, and there were mass casualties. I saw people picking through the rummage, searching for loved ones that were buried underneath the rubble. I heard military helicopters and planes flying overhead, and I saw troops on the ground trying to maintain order and help surviving civilians.

As night approached, there was no electricity. Whatever had taken place, the power was knocked out for the entire area, and everything went black.

I was given the understanding that is was not an invasion from another country or power. This was something home-grown, something from within our own walls that had taken place.

Third Vision

I found myself hidden behind a large, white wing. I would assume it was that of an angel, however I never saw that it was. I was told by a voice from above that I could not look beyond the wing, but that I was to listen only. I was being hidden.

I heard many voices discussing advanced technology that had been created to be presented to the public around the globe. The voices were excited that this technology would be immediately and profoundly accepted by the youth and middle-aged people.

Then I heard one say, "It's through this that the image of the Beast will be displayed for all to see and worship him." 

The people all began to applaud and cheer.

The End is Here.

As with all things, take this to prayer for confirmation.

Mena Lee Jones
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries


  1. Last April, 2018 I felt something large shift, almost as a wind and with it time had accelerated significantly. Come this winter, 2019 and now into spring, it seems that in the natural, before I know it, I look at the clock and say to myself "where on earth did the morning go". I had said this to myself as many have but when I found myself say it more than 4 times in a week or two its like the Holy Spirit reminded me of last spring and said, even in the natural it is accelerating at a fast pace now. It's the time clock of the end times, there is very little time. All that you say bares witness to much of the last 7 years that the Lord has allowed me to see. I do as much as I can now, reaching woman off the streets, more and more are coming to me. My health seems to be deteriating, I haven't worked for 4 years as a addictions counsellor of 30 years, but I am about my fathers business. I believe these woman will be the warriors of the last days and imparting all I know into them as the storm clouds gather. God Bless you Mena!!

  2. You have warned and shown the truth. Now it is up to those that have an ear to hear to prepare. God spoke to me in December that 2019 would be a year where things will accelerate in the natural and spiritual, both for good and evil. It is a time to be about our Father’s business and work like there is no tomorrow! Souls hang in the balance. We should each be saying , here am I Lord, send me!