Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Last week, while I was in the Dominican Republic, I was given a night vision from the Lord.

The Lord took my hand and said that He wanted to show me something. Immediately, I was in a place where I saw fires burning. I saw people getting on city buses and into cars trying to escape the flames. I saw buildings, houses and foliage engulfed in flames. I saw this taking place in multiple places, however I saw an emphasis on the state of Massachusetts. I kept asking the Lord what was happening, what was it that I was seeing? And all I kept hearing was, Babylon will burn. I also could feel the anger of the Lord kindled against the New England area.

The Lord then said, "Judgement has already begun in the United States, but many in the church are asleep, and those who were once awoke, have now returned to sleep under the deception that the election of a man has lifted my hand of judgement."

"Natural disasters will continue this year." 

"Behold, the drums of war beat louder and louder as they draw closer to your shores."

"I AM Elohim. The one who judges and brings forth justice." 

In 2016, the Lord spoke something to me that was almost given in a riddle. I mentioned it in one of my videos posted that year.

He said, "Because America has not repented, disasters will come from the east, war will come from the west, and I will cut off the head."

Later that year, I was given a dream (which I posted on this site) where I saw the leaders of Russia and Turkey making an alliance, then together, with a couple of other countries (of which was not revealed), they sought to invade the US. This occurred after some type of explosion was blamed on us. And by the time they got to our building, there was no one standing as commander in chief. The seat was empty.

At the time that I was given this, the former president, Barack Obama, was in office. I took it as a possible sign that something would happened before the end of his term that would leave America without a head. However, this was not the case. I now believe that these revelations are more befitting for our current condition as a nation than ever before.

Since the dream, Russia has made an alliance with Turkey, and has also strengthen their ties with Iran and Syria. In addition, Putin has continued to flex his nuclear muscles and even displayed an animated simulation of missiles hitting the state of Florida at a recent federal summit that took place at the beginning of March.

Note: In 1984, a man from Romania by the name of Dimitru Duduman was shown, among other things, the invasion of America that was lead by Russia. He was told that this would be part of the judgement on America.

I would like to add that last month, I was given a dream where I saw an attack on US soil that came from the orient. I saw bomber planes and armed helicopters that had Chinese writing on it. They were shooting missiles into buildings, homes, and even a city mall. I understood in the dream that although it looked like an attack from the outside, it was actually an inside job. I understood that the enemy was given permission to attack only "certain areas" in the US.

I understand that as the Apostle Paul stated, we only see and know in part (1 Corinthians 13:9). His (YHVH) ways are not our ways, and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts (Isaiah 55:8-9). And although we should not run and jump at every "prophecy" given, we also should not ignore the increase of warnings spoken throughout the planet.

I continue to see both extremes in the church. And both can cause not only confusion within the midst, but can lead people astray, and caused them not to know the season in which we are in.

I cannot emphasis enough that we are at the end of the age.

As with all things, take this to prayer for confirmation.

Mena Lee Jones
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries


  1. My ears are open to hear the Holy Spirit and I hear Him loud in clear in this Mena. Although, even to that, there’s the presence of a ‘spiritual weariness’ along with the anger the Lord rightfully has regarding this nation and the world! We are in for it, and deserve every bit of it. May the Lird have mercy in us!

  2. This link is to a series of video Chuck Youngbrandt gave at the Prophecy Club, in the 1990s I think. He details earthquakes, etc -- but giving confirmation to Mena's dream, he talks about Russia invading the east coast (landing in Delaware) and China invading the west coast with help of Mexico and other countries. He says we're under the power of the invaders for 7 years, and then push them out with the help of a man God will raise up as the new head of the country. I won't give more details, but he says the president is forced to take cover in a salt mine under Kansas when we can't stop the invasion taking over most of the country. (Video's long, but worth watching I think)

    First of four parts:

    1. I'm sorry, but I don't remember in which part of the videos where he gives the details of his vision re: invasion of America.

  3. I had a quick dream in which I seen Russian troops parachuting into the country. They were wearing black & white camouflage, which may indicate sometime in the winter?

    Also had a dream in which I was with a man I know named Donald (Inherent meaning: "world leader") We were meeting with Vladimir Putin and his staff. This man Don was afraid to confront him. Don had a three page letter to read concerning conditions for peace. He did not want to read the letter which stipulated we would not agree with Russia's demands to avoid a war that was imminent. I told him: "Just tell him the truth, we will not buckle to your demands."

    I told him he had to gather the strength to tell him we would not accept his proposal. We finally walked in, and Donald spoke these same words. Putin appeared angry and said: "I will grant you safe passage back to your own people. Neither side should begin the war before you return home." He then said: "But war is imminent." Both parties backed out, keeping an eye on each other until we no longer could see each other, fearing one side or the other may retaliate before we left. End.....

    I have had many dreams of Russia and China here on our soil. Also, so many other dreams and visions that line up with your visions of Tekel, Tekel You have been weighed and found wanting" Blessings and confirmation!!!