Monday, March 13, 2017

I would like to share a component of dreams that I've had over the last month or so. I chose not put them out individually due to the shortness of each dream or vision. However, I do believe that they are all tied into the things to come.

About two weeks ago, around 3:36am, the Lord spoke to me regarding America. Now I hadn't heard Him speak specifically regarding the nation for a couple of months now, and things seem to have been quiet, so I was taken by surprise.

The Lord said, "Judgement has been sealed for this nation. It will not be reversed, and it has already begun".

At this point I saw a large chalice full of some type of dark liquid. It began to tilt and then the contents therein began to spill onto the land. The Lord spoke again and said,

"The judgement will unfold in three phases".

I was not given the phases or the time frame of which these things will come about.

Prior to this word, I went through a two week series of dreaming about missiles striking America and Israel. Every time I saw this come about, I'd see missiles striking multiple places in America, however, when it cam to Israel, I only saw Jerusalem being hit. This reoccurred five times within a two week period.

Another vivid dream I had (I won't go into detail because of the length of the dream), displayed how the church had gone to sleep, and therefore had placed their guard down. President Trump was teaching a classroom full of Christians. On every desk was a bible, however it was only part of one. No one in this classroom had a full bible. Towards the end of the dream there was an evacuation due to missiles striking the US, and I knew that the strike came from the east (i.e. the Orient), and had knowledge that China and North Korea were involved. When I tried to warn the group that were contained in the classroom setting, they mocked and scoffed at me. I was told that no one was listening to me anymore, and that I needed to just leave. They also said that if they were in any real danger, Trump would have come and told them. Well Trump was no where to be found at this point, and in the end, they all perished.

The last thing I want to share is a vision I had just a couple of nights ago. I had just laid down for the night, and was very tired. I closed my eyes, but was not yet asleep; still very conscious. I immediately found myself standing on the very edge of a shoreline in Alaska. It was the dead of winter. I was looking across the waters, and somehow was able to zoom into Russia. I saw military tanks and artillery, troops and jets. They were all gathering together, and preparing to cross over into the US. I asked the Lord why was He showing this to me.

"War is coming" He responded.

I am putting all of this out to warn the church that the plans have not changed. The enemy is still working, and bible prophecy will continue to swiftly come to pass. My hope is that none of you reading this has fallen asleep under the illusion of peace and safety. We must remember it is when that is said that sudden destruction comes.

As with all things, take this to prayer.

Mena Lee Jones
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries


  1. Mena, Thank you very very much for all you do. I do bear witness to this. Shalom over you and your family always.

  2. Thank you. It is because of you, and several others, that I am awake! Blessings!

  3. I receive the Word the Lord has given you MENA. I am awake and will continue to warn. Thanks you for your dedication to bringing forth the Word of the Lord God! Let those who have an ear to hear, hear! May Jehovah God bless you and keep you and yours, always.❤️

  4. Thank You for being a faithful watchman Mena!
    I confirm the message and dreams you have received.
    Judgment is still coming to America and
    In fact it is closer than ever before!
    Oh yeah and Obama will STILL be the AC!
    The Lord Spoke this to me last Friday
    God Bless You!

  5. Thank you Mena. I know in my soul you are right. I just have a knowing. Then I hear "Prophets" say that God is not done blessing this Country and it upsets me because of the laws, philosophies and politics all are against God. I do believe that Donald Trump is learning to be a man of God however I have never heard any of our leaders repent and ask for forgiveness. I see Trump reversing some but certainly not all. I know Satan is the author of confusion. I ask for prayers. I need wisdom and discernment. Thank you Mena. York County, SC

    1. My thoughts are similar to your. I the prophecies on the bad and the sad.Also, hear them on good and prosperity
      Maybe, it could be some of both. I heard in my Sprit on 15 February about 2.30Am That's it time for the Great Day of the Lord. About two weeks later approximately 2.30Am I heard the words Sad Sad Sad. I have condensed the dream/revelation. I believe this was the Lord speaking to me.

  6. We are praying for you everyday sister! May God keep you and yours from the deceptive forces at work in our midst.

  7. Thank you Mena.I Really appreciate you. God Bless!

  8. Amen! Thank you for sharing Sister Mena. The dream of the attack from North Korea agrees with a dram I had last January. It was posted on Z3News. Here is the link. I have been reminded of that dream quite often in the past few months

  9. Thank you Miss Mena. Your dream confirmed one I had Feb 4. I was taken in spirit and set in the middle of a war zone, destruction everywhere. I wondered "what is this? " and I heard a sorrowful voice behind me say "war is coming". Exactly how u heard it too.

  10. Father does not usually speak to me in dreams, but for two nights in a row, I have dreamed of either myself or others being in a captive state. Sunday night/Monday morning I dreamed of being in a facility, held with a large group of other people. While we were not being directly harmed, I was well aware that our captors had complete control over us. Last night, Monday night/Tuesday morning, I dreamed of something coming from outer space and encompassing the entire planet. Then I saw people being treated as captives, subject to the will of whatever that force was...

    1. Since Jan 2014 the Lord has been showing me things about America going into captivity.. Your words bear witness

  11. Mena, thank you for telling the truth! As always keep speaking.... Praying for you!!!��

  12. Thank you Sister Mena All are not asleep, some went back to sleep after September 2016 and the end of the blood moons. Others when Trump was elected. Our judgement was delayed, but that cup isn't going down like you said. The cup is getting filled fast no doubt, I have not seen signs of any great repentance in this nation, not yet. God bless!

  13. God bless you sister, I always follow your posts and work.I ask that you would pray for me as God woke me up 3 1/2 yrs ago and I have been struggling with some stupid things. I Quit smoking cigarettes , a life long habit, and started uaing the e cig and worked my way down to almost no nicotine, just water vapor, but I need to give it up now for good this three yrs is the longest I have been without a cigarette since I was 13-and I dont want to disappoint Jesus .Please keep me in prayer .I stand in agreement in Jesus name that noone who comes across your blog would fail to see the truth in it .

  14. Yes, it's already been confirmed by another report that Russians are taking over Alaska.

  15. Dear Mena Lee,
    On Oct. 5, 2016, the Holy Spirit gave me a word that I had forgotten about until yesterday. Now I am reading about your vision & I KNOW this is a confirmation. Here is the word He gave me back in October:
    "America, America, great destruction is coming. Your shores are not safe. The grey vessel that navigates under the water is the threat. Prepare for war. I am the Great I Am and I am angered. My people no longer seek me. My remnant shall not fear. You will be safe in my bosom. Sound the alarm. Warn your brothers and sisters. For I want all to be saved and seated in Heaven."
    The interpretation I was given:
    This is a warning for our nation. I believe the Lord is telling us we could be attacked by submarines as described by the “grey vessel that navigates under the water”. I had to come back to this word as I wasn’t sure what the Lord meant by this. Then on Oct. 15th, the Holy Spirit led me to an article entitled “The Russians are Coming” that described an invasion that could start in Alaska. I immediately felt in my spirit this was the confirmation for this word. Apparently our northernmost border has been left militarily defenseless. A former US Navy official claimed to have evidence that a Russian invasion is imminent and most likely to begin in a small village of Wasilla, Alaska. He states that Russian submarines will apparently secure the Alaskan coastline, exploiting the fact that the area is virtually unprotected from hostile and aggressive invaders. He explained further that the feeling in the Navy was that Obama had turned Alaska into a defenseless area that would serve as a forward base of operations when World War III begins. This undisclosed official also believed that we are on the verge of being invaded from Alaska all the way down into Canada and eventually the Northwest. Recently Russia has boasted of their newest submarines with stealth mode that are undetectable on radar.

    Bless you sister!

  16. Mena, thank you for telling the truth! As always keep speaking.... Praying for you!!!


  17. I also was given a vision of a military strike on America. Russia was the main player in the attack. The Russian strike was lighting fast and deadly accurate. They destroyed our military and all of our defenses. We did not have a chance to retaliate. We were defenseless.