Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I want to share with the saints that something is about to happen in the heavens (skies). Several nights ago, I had a dream that I was watching the sun rise in the east. It was dawn, and I was looking out my bedroom window with my husband. As the sun peeked above the horizon, the light broke through the darkness as it should. However as the sun continued to rise, I noticed that the sun itself was actually darker. I saw a massive "sunspot" on the surface. All of a sudden, the sun began to rotate and without a warning, a huge coronal mass ejection erupted from the surface. The hot wind rapidly moved across the surface of the earth. It hit a bus across the street and blew all its windows out.  I screamed for my husband to drop to the floor as it came towards my windows. The wind knocked out all of the electricity, however I saw that no one was injured. The dream then ended.

Two nights later, I had another dream. In this dream I saw the sun, once again, rising in the east. This time I saw a comet just above the horizon. My mother was with me in this dream, and again we were watching from my bedroom window. As the sun rose above the horizon, it looked darker than normal.

Yesterday morning, while I was in prayer, I had a vision. In the vision, the Lord was speaking to me. He was saying, "There will be signs in the moon, in the sun, and in the stars." He was repeating this over and over again. I saw the sun turning dark, the moon turning to blood. I saw meteor showers and a comet pass the earth. But with each flash, parallel to it, I saw the Bride of Christ. I saw her being dressed in white linen, and adorned with jewels. I then saw her being presented to the Lord, Jesus himself, in marriage. And the Lord began to speak to me again, and He said; "I'm coming for my Bride. Tell them I AM Coming!"

Last night, I had third dream, and once again, I saw the sun and a comet. This time, I was shown different cities where the weather was unusual for that time of year. I saw blizzards, tornados that were completely out of season. I also saw a drought and an earthquake take place; but I did not know where. I also saw a volcano erupt, and with that, my dream ended.

Saints, I just posted did two videos talking about the times we are living in. Something great is about to happen. I know that the Syria conflict plays a huge role in bible prophecy. But in addition to that, I believe a major event involving a "natural disaster" is about to take place. We as the Body of Christ, need to stay in prayer and supplication before or Lord, living each day as though it is our last, because tomorrow is not promised for any of us. In addition to that, Jesus Christ is returning sooner than the world thinks! So let's be prepared.

Mena Lee Jones
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries


  1. Hi Mena,

    Here is a confirmation about the sun and a CME that I believe will cause the electricity to go out. A dream I had in March 2012. I made this video in March 2013.

    God bless you sis!

  2. Amen powerful dream what got my attention is darkness coming. It reminds me of the 3 days of darkness in the bible confirmation from my dream as well shalom keep being a watchman on the wall..

  3. Also look at what Phyllis Ford said in her last word--more confirmation...

    I had two very vivid visions and a very significant dream:

    1.) I was with my daughters getting the last things needed in anticipation for preparation of something that was about to occur. It was turning into sunset but it was still light outside but as darkness was coming in—I heard a loud crackling sound then a sound of a surge of some type—I saw bolts of electricity at the same time—then all of a sudden the power completely went out. No light. No nothing. We appeared to be a couple blocks away from our destination so we quietly pulled over. People were panicked a guy said to us that the street which he just came from power was out everywhere no lights were seen for miles away. There was confusion.

    2.) I dreamed I was on the phone talking to a prophet telling him about the above vision as I was talking to him (I saw in the spirit, a fairly large hand held device that had a red rim around it—it has a grid on the face of it) I begin to share what I saw over the phone and I heard a loud sound—I was being told by someone in the house that something just happened (I don’t know if it was being reported (on the TV) or it had just happened outside but I assumed it was outside.) I woke up some- what startled. Both 1 & 2 happened 2 days ago.

  4. Hi, sister Mena, this is excellent. I have reposted this and linked back to it on my blog at (see the sixth confirmation near the end of the post). Also see Blessings! Len