Wednesday, July 24, 2013

On Tuesday morning (7/23), the Lord gave me a dream of a tsunami that hit the eastern part of the US.

In this dream, I was in my husband's truck with my children and my mother. We were driving along a scenic route, in what seemed like the Washington DC area. There was a lot of traffic, so we were creeping along the street. I happened to look over to my right and saw a young woman sitting on the curb. Something she saw caused her to abruptly get up. I looked in the direction she was looking and saw water erupting from a man-hole cover in the street. The girl called her mother over to see what was occurring.

We continued driving along the road and saw another man-hole cover, and it too had water erupting from it. I also saw water coming out of gutters and thus, the streets began to flood.

We made a right-hand turn onto another street. I happened to look to my right again and saw the Potomac River. All of a sudden, a wall of water came crashing over a rocky ledge and poured into the river. The  huge wave was headed straight our way.

As this point we were stuck in traffic and had come to a stand-still. I put the truck in park, we all got out and started heading for higher ground. I was holding my mother's hand and guiding her through the grass. My husband and children were behind us. My mother said; "Here it comes! It's finally happening!" I was thinking; "Oh my God! I can't believe this is really happening!" Although we were moving at a fast pace, we were not in a panic. Somehow, I was at peace within myself.

We were headed to a stone church that was sitting on top of a grassy hill. Once we reached the steps, we knew we were safe. I never looked behind to see how close the wave came, or if it had swallowed others up. I just knew that my family was safe and others had made it to the church with us.

The dream then ended.

After I awoke, I begin to talk to the Lord about what I had just experienced. I told the Lord; "Now Lord, you know I have never had a dream or vision of a tsunami coming to the coast. You have only shown me dreams and visions of earthquakes. So if this is from you, give me a scripture to confirm what I just saw."

I then had an open vision, and the Lord gave me Psalm 11. He also gave me a date. I have not been released to give that date. The Lord rarely gives dates to me, however whenever He has, they have been accurate.

Psalm 11:1 says;

"In the Lord I put my trust; How can you say to my soul, Flee as a bird to your mountain?"

I am posting this not just because the Lord has given this to me, but because I know that there are others
that have had similar dreams and visions. Please feel free to respond and leave comments on this.

Mena Lee Jones
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries

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