Monday, November 19, 2018

The Beast in 3 Phases...

I would like to share with you what I saw regarding the Beast...

From the wee hours of Sunday morning (November 18th), until the rising of the sun, I found myself on some type of spiritual current where I was in and out of visions for approximately 6 hours. The whole time, the Lord was speaking to me as He flashed scene after scene in front of me, revealing the darkest secrets of mankind, particularly operations here in America, and giving understanding as to why His sword will come to the land.

At this time, I am not at liberty to reveal all the horrors that were revealed to me. However, it all lead up to the rising of the Beast system, which was the final vision given to me that I am to share with you.

I found myself in what looked to be an old mill with warehouse-like features. This place was very large and rustic, not necessarily dirty, but vintage looking. On the front wall near the entrance, was a very large movie screen. The screen wasn't modern, but seemed old, more like a screen used for projectors more than thirty years ago.

I had a newspaper in my hand, and I was looking at an advertisement for a movie. The tickets were priced very high. There was no title for the movie, however, it had three parts; each with a title listed.

Part One: Together We Stand
Part Two: We Are Loved
Part Three: I Am God

For some reason, I was not allowed to see part one. But I was given clear understanding that part one was regarding the Pope.

At the second viewing, I found myself in the mill surrounded with hundreds of people. They were all taking their seats before the movie began.

As I scanned the room with my eyes, I noticed that the group coming in to see the film were all young. The ages looked to range from about 14, or 15 to about their mid to late 20's. The youth were from all backgrounds, cultures and races.

I looked towards the back, at the left, where bleachers lined the wall. I saw many politicians, both national and international, sitting next to one another in light conversation. My eyes then lead me to the only person on the bleachers that was standing tall, with a navy-blue suit on...

It was Barack Obama.

The movie began, and everyone quieted down into their seats. I was sitting at the front, perhaps around the third or fourth row. As the movie played, it seemed as though it went on forever. I actually felt I had sat through this entire film that went on for two to three hours. The music attached to this film was captivating and seductive (but not in a sexual way), and it stirred the emotions. I could feel my soul being pulled, yet there was a fight in me not to succumb to the potency of its intention. It instantly reminded me of the campaign commercials that Obama ran for the 2008 presidential election. I would hear the commercials playing on the television in the morning while I was getting ready for work, and I would feel an awkward pull from within me, but my soul knew it was evil. It got to the point where I would mute the TV when his commercials came on.

The movie ended with flashes of young people holding up their fingers, formed in the shape of a heart, and one by one, the chanted, "We are loved."

As these scenes continued, one by one the people in the audience began standing, and they too held up their hands and formed their fingers into the shape of a heart and chanted, "We are loved."

Nearly the entire room stood. I looked around as I stayed seated. The chants grew louder and louder. My eyes locked with a young black girl still seated a few rows over. She looked to be about 16. She didn't say a word, but I knew what she was thinking. Something was terribly wrong with this.

As I continued to look around, I saw a few that were still seated. The number however, was very small, less than ten.

I looked back towards the bleachers, and I saw Obama still standing in the same exact place. He was glancing over the crowd. Although he wasn't smiling, there was a look of deep satisfaction on his face.

I was now taken into the third scene...

I was back at the mill, just like before. I looked to my left, and saw the same bleachers, with the same national and international politicians sitting in conversation. Barack Obama was still the only one standing, but this time I notice there was a podium in front of him.

People began to pour into the area from a door that was located next to the screen. This group of people looked to be around my age group, and older (Note: I never saw any small children at any point of this vision), so perhaps from their 30's into their 80's or even 90's.

Once again, the people were from all backgrounds, cultures, and races. But I noticed there were also many pastors, and people of faith in this group.

Again, they quieted down and took their seats as the third part of the film began to play.

This film was very short, not even half the length of time as the prior one. But there was still that captivating, mind-seducing music that played throughout the film. However, at the end, something unique happened.

This time, the lights came on and Obama stood with his right hand raised. His fingers were formed in what I've heard is called the "devil's horns."

He stood tall as the crowd all turned towards him. And then he spoke and said, "I am God."

And just like before, one by one, people began to stand and chant, "I am God." And they too, mimicked the devil horn sign with their hands. 

But not everyone stood.

This time, unlike that last group of youth, there were many more seated. About two-thirds of the room was standing, while one-third remained seated. The ones seated had a look of horror on their faces. They knew that what was transpiring was not good. 

Next thing I knew, the ones who were seated were rounded up by troops into a single file line. I watched as they began to march them out of the door that everyone came in. 

I knew I had to get in that line.

As I was in the back of the line, Obama looked over towards us and asked mockingly, "Are you really willing to die for your faith?"

Suddenly a loud, powerful voice spoke from the air and said, "They WILL stand for Me, even unto death."

My vision then ended. 

As with all things, take this to prayer...

Mena Lee Jones
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries 


  1. Thank you. I hope you have been able to rest and renew yourself.

  2. I had a dream that I was in a very large Opera House it had three levels everyone was concentrated on the first level they didn't even make up half of the room but they were sparse spread apart I just remember a feeling of fear that I did not want to know what they were watching what they were listening to I just remember a droning in the background of a voice and my Panic to get out of there

  3. There is a Christian who runs the post office by my house. He shared with me a few weeks ago he had a dream of being on a mission trip but was captured and going to be killed with other Christians in execution style. He said he felt peace during this and wasn't afraid then he woke up. I do believe God is warning his people what's going to take place soon. We must be strong and stand on our faith for the lord Jesus Christ. We must pray for strength and not be afraid. God bless!


    1. AMEN!!!! AMEN!!!! We know "WHAT" is coming. We don't have to know every detail. But like this sister has said and the Word of
      God tells us....Get Ready!!!! The time is nigh for final preparations, lay aside the cares of this world, for Our Lord is soon to come. Don't come alone, bring as many with you as you can, pray for the souls in the vineyard in which you have been placed. Thank you Sis Mary de jesus for that clear and powerful admonition.."Lets Get Ready." SAINTS OF GOD, I pray to see you in the rapture.

  5. I will never forget the vision Abba Father showed me of him 4 years ago and what He spoke!

    It was a night when one of the state addresses was going on! I didnt know this at the time! I was in my room and Abba Father spoke ILLUSIONIST! I said what? What do you mean? Who? At that point I turned on the television and there was obamanation right before me!

    As I watched Abba spoke:
    "Illusionist the man of many masks! What you see is not what you see! Before the world he portrays himself as a man of his word! Dressed in suit attire as if he has it all together! He is a SWINDLER, lies and deceit is in his soul! When He gets behind closed doors the mask comes off and his true self comes out!"

    I asked Father then to show me! I wanted to see what he was speaking about! Instantly it's like I was in this room! It appeared to be the "white" house yet it was black and very dark! I felt such a coldness and very dreary! I could feel evil spirits and I begin to see all these people standing in this room and they were in all black clothes, huddled together and there was a desk! They were waiting for someone and then he walked in OBAMANATION and as He stood before them he took of his mask, his "face" and I saw the most evil looking face like a beast! He began to pound his hand on the desk and it's like He was barking out orders to those huddled around him! Anything he barked they were willing to carry out!

    Then the scene changed and I saw obamanation with another mask and it was black and all you could see was his eyes! He was covered from head to toe in all black attire! He had an evil wicked laugh! I saw a knife in His hands and I saw blood dripping from his hands!


    Obama is an African surname. It is not an uncommon Luo surname. The name comes from the Luo language. Luo names usually refer to circumstances of birth. The Luo word bam means "bent" or "crooked".

    a thing that causes disgust or hatred.

    "this bill is an abomination to all mankind"

    synonyms: atrocity, disgrace, horror,obscenity, outrage, evil, crime,monstrosity, anathema, bane

    "in both wars, internment was an abomination"

    a feeling of hatred.
    synonyms: detestation, loathing, hatred,aversion, antipathy, revulsion,repugnance, abhorrence, odium, execration, disgust, horror,hostility

  6. Wow, Mena very powerful and I believe will soon happen!!

  7. Wow I believe so much is going on in these days

  8. Yes I agree,President Trump signed an executive order on August first of this year closing the gap between Church and State,allowing Churches to express political views without losing tax exempt status,it was done toward the elimination of the Johnson amendment,the second beast of revelation(United States)is definitely speaking like a dragon,and forming the image to the first beast(Catholic Church),it's an exciting time to be alive,thank you Lord for letting me to be alive at this time in history,give us strength I pray,to endure and overcome what's going to happen soon,my Love,even so, Come quickly Lord.

  9. I remember seeing Obama turn into a leopard at the sound of a trumpet blast. It was time of the end.

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  11. Thank you mena. Thank you Jesus! God showed me also back in 2008 that Obama is a traitor. I see these things on the horizon also. I thank God, he has shown me this website.

  12. on 10/28/18 the Lord spoke Revelation 13:16-17 to me.

  13. Mena I had a dream or a voice as I awoke two days ago tell me that we've been tricked and that the anti Christ is about to step out. Let me explain what I understood upon waking.
    I have been following the q movement and have been hearing rumors that JFK Jr is alive and seen numerous times at Trump's rallies. Being a christain I have been praying for our President and hoping this q movement could be real. I started following this movement and the patriotic feelings are great and hearing that the dark is being brought out into the light made me feel good but...and here I start to think...I have been having a very uneasy feeling in my spirit so I take it to the Lord in prayer. This dream I had which I don't even remember except that it had to do with I was awaking a voice said that he was about to enter and I saw JFK Jr step forward next to Trump. I immediately knew. We had been fooled into a false sense of peace and safety and JFK Jr was the one..he is the Golden child of Camelot..all will love him and follow him. Then in my spirit I heard the false Trinity..The beast system was Trump, the false phrophet was Pence and the anti Christ was JFK Jr. I knew that the system had changed the way of getting global take over by using patriotism and sacrificing some of the elites to get us to believe they were making America good again. But secretly they were lulling us into a new order from chaos and that many many will believe JFK Jr because they already thought his father was the greatest president ever so he would be the answer for all. I have been praying hard. I see how close we truly are to the return of Jesus and I pray that instead of a Patriot movement that a true revival will come across the world. Jesus please help us reach those who are slumbering. Please know I am not saying that President Trump or V. P pence are evil..this is what I understood as I heard the voice and woke. This has stayed with me and more and more it gets clearer and clearer. We are in the spiritual battle with evil. I am God's child and him only will I serve.

  14. well if Trump and Pence in your dream are evil then who is God using to drain this swamp of evil it certainly not any other president that has been they all compromised with sin and allowed us to be sold into financial and emotional and all kinds of slavery and we are told by other prophets to pray for trump and v.p. pence and all others that are involved to making America great again I believe that the Lord is using Trump to get America back to where it was when the Fore Fathers wrote the constitution now I could be wrong too but I too trust in Jesus to help not just America but the entire world to be in peace and I know that judgment is coming on the earth because of what they have done to the babies and all atrocities committed on this beautiful planet but I say this in love please check with the Lord about your dream or vision and I will do the same on my thoughts that I have as well be blessed.

  15. We must be very careful in all things (phil 4:6)

  16. I just had something very weird happen. I have been a follower of your prophetic words and dreams for some time. You are the only only I feel confidence in hearing. I believe you hear from the Lord. I always look forward to your emails and immediately open them whenever I receive something from you. Tonight, December 2nd I opened my email and there was an email from Watchman on the Wall. I opened it and read it. In it you were telling of dreams you had had about an EMT event. It referenced when you were in Washington for a conference. When I finished reading it I got up to do something in the kitchen and when I returned I wanted to go back to your email again and click on your website. The email was GONE. I checked my delete email, I checked my phone which also receives email and there was nothing. This is so strange. I don't know what to make of it. However, just a day or so ago I remember seeing a news article on my phone on things trending in the news and I noticed an article on a major research study done on EMT attack in the U.S. I opened it and read a portion of it. When I was reading your email about an EMT dream I was recalling the article in the back of my mind. This is all very strange and wanted you to hear from me about this experience. God bless you Mena, I truly appreaciatae your ministry as authentic and from God. Connie