Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dream: 7/29/2014

I was visiting a church with my family. The church was pretty packed, so much that my family could not sit together. There were only single seats left, scattered here and there throughout the building. I found a seat next to a pastor that my husband is acquainted with. When I took my seat, I looked around the audience, trying to pinpoint a speaker or pastor; but there was none to be found. Suddenly, an awful rumbling sound fill the room, and the walls and floor began to vibrate. The vibration was so strong that the pews on the floor began to scoot forward.

I jumped up out of my seat and yelled; "What's going on?" A lady shouted; "It's just the air conditioning unit...everything's alright!" But I knew that wasn't the AC unit; the sound was coming from outside. So I ran towards the double glass doors and proceeded outside. As soon as I got out, I looked to my right, and down the street (roughly five miles or so away), I saw a huge black clouds in the sky. Suddenly, a massive black tornado formed, and it was headed straight for the church.

It was then I noticed that several other people had followed me outside; I yelled for them to go back in. I yelled out that a tornado was headed our way. Some of the people began to panic and wanted to leave the church. But I instructed them not to leave. I told them it was safer inside, but that we had to go underground. I went back inside and started warning the people about the storm. I told them that we had to seek shelter immediately. But only about a third of the people listened to me. The other two-thirds said; "Oh, that storm is not coming this way. It's going somewhere else, not here. We will be fine!" No matter how much I pleaded, I could not convince them of what was coming. I called out to my three children that I saw sitting on a pew together. They came, and together with the other third of the church, we went into a bunker that was below the church. My dream then ended.

When I woke up, the Lord immediately began speaking to me about the dream. He said; "Mena, what you saw represents a storm of demonic activity and persecution coming to the church. The majority of the church is blinded and unaware of the destruction coming their way. They believe that it can't happen to them, or it won't happen in this nation. But it is coming and behold, it is already here. Those who are wise will be alert and will hear my voice for wisdom and instructions. I will keep my Bride safe. Not everyone who is in the church is my Bride. Not everyone who claims to know me, actually belong to me. Many say it, but their hearts are dark, their minds are filled with fifth and perversion, and their robes are stained with desires of this world; pride, arrogance, greed, gossip, and deception. It is time to awaken from their drunken slumber. Warn the church; The Bridegroom cometh, but only for the holy."

Read it, Share it.


Mena Lee Jones
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries

Saturday, June 7, 2014

In the wee hours of this morning, the Lord came and presented two cities in front of me. The first one was Lima, Peru. The second city was Los Angeles, California.

As I was viewing these cities, I saw just what an average day would look like. People going to and fro, cars on the roads, businesses running etc. So  I asked the Lord why was He showing these two cities to me. He answered and said; "Earthquakes are coming to these cities." I did not see the magnitude of the earthquake for the city of Lima, but I saw the one for Los Angeles; it was 6.9.

The Lord also gave me a scripture regarding these two cities; Psalm 24.

In this famous scripture; "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness therein..." it talks about the Lord forming the earth (as land) upon the seas/waters. Both Los Angeles and Lima are coastal cities, and they both sit along the Pacific Rim, which is apart of the Ring of Fire. As the scripture continues, it talks about who will enter into the Lord's sanctuary; only those with pure hearts, who do not worship idols, and who do not swear deceitfully.

Lima is heavy in idol worship and known for its witchcraft. Los Angeles is heavy in idolatry of people, fame, possessions and money. All of which would cause one's heart to be impure. Swearing deceitfully can fall anywhere from lying under oath to broken marriage vows. In this scripture, the occupants of both cites can be found guilty.

Now I know there are MANY prophetic words/dreams/visions out there of like a nine or ten point earthquake hitting Los Angeles. But let me remind you that the last one to devastate that city in 1994 was a 6.4, and the one that tore up San Francisco in 1989 was a 6.9.

I don't know when these things will come about, but this is what the Lord has given me. He also ended with saying; "I Am Coming Very, Very, Very Soon!"


Mena Lee Jones
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries

Thursday, May 29, 2014

For two nights, about three weeks ago, the Lord came to me about a food shortage that will take place.

The first night, I dreamt that I was walking in a beautiful garden with Jesus. We were strolling along as I noticed all of the beautiful flowers and blossomed trees, full of vibrant colors. I was enjoying the sight of this, like candy for my eyes. Then the Lord spoke to me and said; "This is the last season the trees will produce full fruit. Next season, they will not be able to produce." I came out of the dream and thought on what He had said. I automatically associated it with us (His children/The Bride) because we are compared as fruit trees in the scriptures. But the second night, the Lord returned to me again, this time showing me meat. I saw many different ways the people get their meat; hunting, stores, butcher shops etc. The Lord spoke; "Famine is coming! Tell my children to stock up on their food. Famine is coming and prices will soar."

Then last night saints, I had a vision where I saw livestock dying in droves and birds of prey flying high and circling farms. I saw people savaging road kill, like deer, trying to obtain some form of meat with buzzards trailing their pickup trucks.

I also saw something happening with ladybugs. In my vision, I was looking out my window when I saw a ladybug on my pane. The ladybug was sick and barely moving. It had lost its vibrant red color. I know that ladybugs come out in the spring, and they play a huge role in the ecosystem. Many organic farmers use ladybugs as a natural pesticide because they eat crop-devouring insects and larva.

The Lord told me back in February, while I was on my way to Charlotte that a drought was coming. He said the areas where our crops and produce come from will experience blistering heat with little to no rain.

I don't share everything that the Lord gives or shows me. I only share what He has told me to share. With that, I will state that every time I tried to post the two prior dreams, my computer froze or shut down on me. Even today, I've had trouble, but decided to press through no matter what. Everyone needs to know what is coming so that we can prepare accordingly.

Mena Lee Jones
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries

Thursday, March 20, 2014

I had a dream on 3/10/14

I was lifted high up in the air. Below, I could see an ark (as in like Noah's ark). The ark was massive, but I was so high up, I could see it in its entirety. An audible voice, like thunder spoke from above me; "The Hour of Grace Has Come To an End." I started to cry.

I noticed a ramp that was attached to the ark. The ramp looked like it could of held a hundred people all at once, but instead, there were only a few people, scattered here and there, walking up this ramp. My heart grew heavier, and I couldn't stop crying. I knew more people should have been on that ramp, entering the ark.

The thunderous voice from above me spoke again; "Tell My Children To Board The Ark NOW! For I Am About To Close The Door. And with that, my dream ended.

Saints, this dream is self-explanatory. It's time to board the ark NOW! The ark is symbolic of the escape from the wrath of God. Noah and his family were found righteous and escaped the great flood. Jesus said; "Watch therefore, and pray always, that you may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man." -Luke 21:38

Saints, lets be prepared; Lamps filled, robes washed, hearts pure.

The Bridegroom Is Coming!

Mena Lee Jones
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


At 2:41 this morning, the Lord, Jesus came to me. He said, "Death to the finances." He then said, "A recession behind the recession." I asked, "Lord, what are you talking about?" He continued, "Tell my children that a recession is coming behind the recession. Many companies will close, small businesses will crumble and more jobs will be lost" 

A calendar appeared in front of me, with the last four months of the year listed (i.e. September through December). I then saw a rider on a black horse ride across the pages. I said, "Lord, you said death to the finances; the rider on the black horse means death!" The Lord responded, "No daughter, that is the rider on the pale horse..." I thought to myself, "What was the black horse again?" Then the Holy Spirit interjected; "A days wages for a loaf of bread!" 

The presence of the Lord grew stronger and stronger on me. I felt completely paralyzed. I said, "Lord, if this is you giving this to me, I need a scripture to back up what you are saying." Then, I heard loud and clear, "PSALM 9." I started to cry. "Lord, you're showing me the end of the year! That means we will be here!!!! Lord, when are you coming to get us??? It's getting so bad here. Please help us to endure..." The Lord responded with a calming voice; He said, "Soon my daughter, very, very soon. Do not be afraid. Tell my children they MUST put their trust in me, not the government, jobs, bank accounts, stocks, public assistance, or retirement. These things will fail them! Only I will see them through. Persecution will increase and the time will come when many will go underground, but only for a very short season. I AM COMING!

Saints, Psalm 9 is a psalm of judgement on the nations. It is also a psalm of refuge and protection for those who trust Him. I got up to read it as soon as the presence of God lifted enough for me to move. The title of the psalm in the NLT is "Death of a Son." I thought this was interesting. I was not familiar with the psalm and did not memorize it, therefore it was shocking to find out what it spoke of. I want to encourage everyone to read this scripture. It tells what is ahead. I don't know if the Lord did this in contrary to the State of The Union address last night (I didn't watch it because my mind can't comprehend habitual liars), or if it's just time for judgement to be executed upon this nation; I don't know, maybe both. But I was told to share this with the Body of Christ. We must prepare. Please Share.

Mena Lee Jones
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries