Friday, December 16, 2016

I would like to share a dream that I had while in Wisconsin, during one of my conferences. This dream occurred in the first weekend of November, right before the election.

In the dream I was standing outside, at a side entrance of a building with three other people. We were standing on a ramp, chit-chatting about the day. It was a warm beautiful afternoon; the sun was shining, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. All of a sudden something was detonated high up in the sky. There was a bright flash, and then a pulse. I looked up to see where it came from. High up, I saw a plume of gray smoke from where the detonation took place. I urged the people that were with me to quickly go inside. We opened the double glass doors, and quickly pulled them closed as the smoke began to descend. Once we were inside, I waited for the smoke to clear; it seemed to cover the area for quite some time.

When it seemed that everything was clear, I went back outside to asset if there has been any damage. As I looked around, I saw no bodies, and no one inside had been hurt. The buildings were all standing, and had received no damage. But as I looked up the street towards my right, I noticed that cell towers and power lines were all bent to the ground. I saw one or two trees that were bent in the process.

My dream ended.

The weird thing is that after I had awakened, and pondered on the dream for a few minutes, I went back to sleep, and the dream repeated a second time!

But it didn't stop there.

About two weeks ago, while praying in the middle of the night, I fell asleep and found myself in a dream where I was looking up in the sky. Again, I saw some type of detonation go off high up. And once again, I saw this gray smoke coming from it and began to fill the sky.

Then, last week I had an interesting dream where I was on an elevator, trying to get off. The floors were listed in years; 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. I got on the elevator at 2011. When the doors closed, I heard an audible voice speak. He said,

"Do not forget the things that I have shown you since 2011." 

I was trying to get off at 2016, but every time I attempted this, I'd end up on the wrong floor. Finally, I decided to get off at 2017 because I figured it was just a couple of weeks away anyhow.

The doors opened at 2017.

When I got off, I found myself in what seemed to be a city park. It was a warm day, but everything around me was chaotic. There were guards, police officers, and the military patrolling everywhere. Some were spraying stuff down with what looked like water. I didn't see any civilians walking around. A man dressed in military uniform yelled from across the way.

"Hey! What are you doing here? How did you get here"

Frightened, I stumbled on my words to answer him. The man quickly walked over to where I was standing.

"How did you get here?" he asked again.

"Um....I'm not sure....what happened here?"

"You don't know?"

" sir, I don't know." I responded.

"You don't know about the detonation in the sky?" the man asked in a condescending tone.

My eyes widen. "It happened? really happened? I saw this in a dream! I had three dreams about this!" I exclaimed. The man looked confused for a second, then he told me that I needed to leave.

The dream ended.

I hesitated putting this out, but decided to do so after seeing this event four times. I know that since the election, many in the church have put down their swords and swear that peace and safety has come; and this is a dangerous illusion.

As always, take these things to prayer.

Mena Lee Jones
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Russia & Turkey...

A couple of weeks ago I was given what I call a "Daniel" type vision. I say this because most of the dreams and visions that Lord gives me are direct; without too much symbolism. But this was not the case with this one. So pray for wisdom and discernment, as I did, regarding what I'm about to share.

It was about the fourth watch, and I went into a vision. In it, I saw three buildings. All three were made exactly the same, the only difference was their height.

On the top floor of the shortest building sat Erdogan, and he was representing Turkey.

On the top floor of the middle building sat Putin, representing Russia.

The tallest building represented the United States, but there was no one seated at the top floor. There were people in the building; all US citizens, but no one was representing us.

All of a sudden, there was an explosion in two of the buildings; the one for Turkey, and the one for Russia. The explosions happened at the top of the buildings. I wasn't aware of any casualties, but the buildings themselves sustained great damage.

I then heard Putin and Erdogan talking. They were angry. It was then that I realized that we (the United States) were being blamed for the explosions. However, we weren't the cause of it.

Next, Putin formed an alliance with Erdogan, and they called to other buildings to stand with them. I wasn't given the names of the people or countries in the other buildings. But it was only a couple more that joined in. Together, they began to make plans to bomb our building, and march in to take our people.

My vision ended with our building being invaded.

If you don't already know, war world three has already begun. The media has just been covering it up with things like the Brexit, the elections, scandals, and reality TV. The fact is, Putin has recently made several threats, and then has moved on them. And in the process, he has warned the United States not to stand in his way. I also found out through research that Russia has rebuilt their alliance with Turkey after their recent failed coup.

There have been many dreams, visions, and prophetic words from people like David Wilkerson and Dumitru Duduman, who have seen Russia invade the US.

In October of last year (2015), the Lord showed me a map of Israel and Iran. He instructed me to begin to pray because Israel was going to strike Iran. He said, "War is about to begin." 

I asked the Lord, what war? And He responded with, "Gog and Magog."

After this, I went through a period of three days of dreams where I saw war planes; bombers and fighter jets being launched in various places, including the United States. I also saw missiles being dropped on us.

I want to speak on another thing that I heard two nights ago. It was odd thing to here, yet clear as day. I heard, "Tell the Queen that in forty days, great change is coming to the UK."  

Now I know I don't have access to the Queen of England (LOL), but I understood that the change wasn't for the good. There's a great shift coming to that area, that will impact them in a major way; even their way of living. As always, take these things to prayer.

Saints, as always
Stay Alert. Be Ready. Look Up!

Mena Lee Jones
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries

Thursday, August 25, 2016

I want to share a dream that I received about a week ago...

In the dream, I was in the car with my husband. We were driving on a highway, headed north. It was a two lane highway that soon began to elevate like a bridge or overpass, only we continued to climb up. As we continued to climb, I felt lead to look out the window at the road. I noticed that a crack had begun to appear in the middle of the highway. The more we continued to drive, the wider this crack got. It came to a point where a two to three inch gap had formed, separating the two lanes. I beckoned my husband to pay attention to this because he was the one driving. But the whole time we stayed on the right side of the road, and were mostly unaffected by it.

Finally, we came to a fork in the highway. There were two signs; one said East, and the other said West. We naturally veered off to the right to head east because we were headed home. I looked out towards the west as we were turning, and noticed that the crack in the road continued out west. As I looked off, I saw total devastation. The highway had rolled up like a scroll. There were cars everywhere; some even piled on top of each other. Black smoke towered the sky in the distance. I watched in horror as the scene disappeared into the horizon. I told my husband we had to pray for the people because a huge earthquake had hit.

During the whole dream, there was a song playing on the radio; California Dreaming.

As I was coming out of the dream, I heard these words; "It will happen soon."

This wasn't my first time seeing something like this. Roughly about a month or so ago, I had a vision in the middle of the night. In this vision, I found myself standing on a beach in California (my spirit was aware that I was in California). Suddenly, I was able to see under the rock off the coastline. It was like something you would see in a science textbook, where the layers of the earth's crust are displayed. I saw pressure built up in the form of a huge bubble wedged under California. I immediately understood what this meant; an earthquake was about happen.

Saints we need to pray for the people in California; the righteous and the unbeliever. I know that many have seen total devastation hitting this state, going back many decades. Last year, on Trunews, I mentioned how my mother had seen a detailed vision of an earthquake in which she saw lights emerging out of the rubble, and angels catching them. When she inquired about the lights, she was told they were the souls of the saints and the innocent.

What's also interesting is that I have a friend, a sister-in-the-Lord, who lives in southern California. She was told by the Lord that she was to leave, and that shortly after she left, the earthquake would come. Well she was suppose to leave last year, but the move got delayed an entire year. There were times when she was nervous about this, but continued to stand on the promise that the Lord spoke to her. Now she is scheduled to leave this mid-fall.

I'm not putting a time frame on this, but I just find it so interesting  about of all the signs of judgment being placed on "pause" so-to-speak during the year of Jubilee.

As always, put these things to prayer.

Stay Alert. Be Ready. Look Up.

Mena Lee Jones
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

At 3:00am I went into a vision. In the vision I was downstairs in my livingroom, looking out the window. It was dawn, like around 5:00am, just when the light begins to creep above the horizon, chasing away the night. I looked up at the sky and noticed that dark clouds began to quickly roll in. All of a sudden, it got really dark. The darkness was that of when a thunderstorm comes in. I looked at the trees and noticed that they began to sway in the wind. Then, it seemed like a second wave of darkness rolled in. Now it was so dark that it looked like night time. I got spooked, and quickly walked down the hallway to look for a light switch to turn on. I then heard these words; "The Storm is Here".

Last year, the Lord instructed me to put out a video titled, "The Storm is Coming". In it, I talked about the judgement that was coming to America because of the sin.

This time, the Lord was letting me know that the storm is no longer "coming", but now is here.

Time's up...

Next I saw many tents going up; like tent revivals. I saw them going up in various places across the country. The Lord spoke to me and said; "The tents will be used to bring in my sheep, because all who have (church) buildings will be forced to conform to the government"

I then saw families standing before me in various compilations. Some had a husband, wife and children. Others were that of single moms, or dads, and finally just couples. One by one, they began to vanish right in front of my eyes. I didn't understand why I was seeing this, so I questioned the vision. The Lord spoke and said, "You will continue to see entire families murdered for various causes. This is due to the increase of demonic activity over the earth. Tell my children to pray my protection over their families, and to take authority; for Satan is lurking at every corner, seeking whom he can devour."  

The Lord also let me know that His army is preparing for battle.

We also need to pray for the state of Pennsylvania. We're about to see something unfold with the people there. I'm not sure what city it will be in, but Satan has plans for this state.

As always Saints, take all that I have given to prayer. Test the spirit with the Holy Spirit who only reveals truth. Darkness will continue to increase, so this is our opportunity to be beacon lights that pierce through the darkness, to lead out those who are lost.

Mena Lee Jones
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries

Monday, June 27, 2016

Chaos is Coming...

At 1:45am this morning, I received a visitation from the Lord. I first found myself at a press conference. The conference contained about fifty people. We were all sitting at long tables in horizontal rows. I was located at the second seat in the last row, on the right. I saw Donald Trump sitting among the people; he was the only person in the crowd I recognized from behind. I only saw everyone's back from my view. In the front, I saw Obama pacing the floor. He seemed very agitated. He started saying, "They're pushing me...they're pushing me to cause drama!" He then walked over to a man seated three rows ahead of me. Obama looked at the man and said, "Kevin, they're pushing me to give them what they deserve! I will give them the chaos that they deserve!" The man, that seemed to go by the name "Kevin", frantically grab his notepad and begun to write on it. It was then that I looked on Obama's forehead, and notice that there was writing on it. It looked as though someone had taken a black sharpie and wrote across his forehead; it said, "Chaos is Coming".

The scenes changed, and I next found myself in a room. Ahead of me, about thirty feet, stood Jesus. He was clothed in a simple white robe that illuminated a soft white glow. His face was so clear; clearer than I had ever seen it in all the years he's visited me. It was like I zoomed in on His face. I studied His thick, dark-brown hair that rested on His shoulders, and the fullness of His beard. The expression on His face was that of sadness, yet stern. I noticed that there were tears streaming from His left eye. Within each tear, there was a fetus. The Lord spoke to me, but without moving His lips. He said, "They are constantly stealing the life that I have given." He paused for a moment, then continued, "There are those who are even unaware of their murder. Doctors have convinced some that this is there only choice; that the child is deformed, or will be born with abnormalities, so they steal the life that I have given." 

I noticed that angels began to stand in formation behind Jesus. They were tall; between nine and ten feet in height. They were all golden; clothes, body and hair. It was fourteen of them. I inquired about the position they were taking. Jesus responded, "They are taking their positions for the twenty-one judgments; for they are about to begin. Time is short. I will not delay...I will not delay...I will not delay! My Bride is preparing Herself and I will soon call her to me". I thought to myself, "But there are only fourteen angels". Then Jesus quickly reminded me that the first seven seals are opened by Him (and not the angels).

Jesus then looked at me and with a stern voice said, "Within three to six months, total chaos will envelop America, and a pandemic will spread across the world." He then gave me understanding that the two events are separate, and I wasn't given a time frame for the pandemic.

I began to pray for the Bride, I prayed for wisdom and boldness. The Lord then spoke and said, "Psalm 12 for the chosen, for the obedient, and for the faithful".

This is a warning for the church, the Bride, and the nation. We need to prepare spiritually and physically for what's about to be unleashed...

Mena Lee Jones
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A couple of weeks ago, I had a visitation from the Lord. He came to me, reached out His hand and said; "Come, I want to show you something..." I placed my hand in His, and we began to travel. We ended up on a shoreline, more like a beach; it was dusk. Jesus pointed up towards the sky, and my eyes followed His lead. I beheld the beautiful colors of the sky, as evening time settled in.

All of a sudden, I saw a red object coming in from the atmosphere. It got bigger and bigger as it drew was an meteor! It was on fire, and looked like a burning, hot coal. I watched in horror as it pounded into the ocean far away. The Lord looked at me and said, "When it hits, they will have thirty minutes, to an hour out to evacuate". After He said this, I saw the water coming in; a tsunami.

Last week, the Lord spoke to me and said, "What I'm about to do, no man can take credit for. Over time, I have allowed man, and through Satan using them, to believe that they are in control, and have dominion. But now is the time for America to know that I AM. What will be unleashed, even the elite have no idea about, and in the end, even a few of them will fall on their knees and cry out to me".  

This is the third time the Lord has shown me a tsunami. I posted my first dream roughly three years ago. The second one, I did not post, which occurred in the later part of 2014. Shortly after returning to Charlotte (after living in the DC area for a year and a half), I was in my new home, unpacking boxes when the Lord spoke to me in an audible voice and said, "You do not believe that I will send a tsunami!" I paused for a moment and searched my thoughts and feelings. I knew to do this because you cannot lie to God. My heart was racing from the sternness in His voice. "No, Lord. I do not believe this will happen before the rapture. You're right. I've been pushing the thought away in doubt" I responded. The Lord then answered and said, "But I will send a tsunami; it will come!"

The second dream that I never posted revealed a tsunami coming to the east coast. This dream was more vivid than the first one I had, which also occurred on the east coast. I saw how high the waves will be. There are two waves, and it will not be as high as some have seen, where half of the country is under water and millions of lives are lost. No, this will not happen because God will not punish the wicked with the just. However, there will be much infrastructure damage; billions of dollars. And many lives will be lost. This will only be the beginning of a domino effect that will collapse the entire country from within.

I am posting these things not to frighten, but to forewarn. Too many Christians are asleep at the wheel, and we're about to drive right off a cliff. We are living in an illusion that "good times" will come back to this country, but this is a lie. America doesn't deserve better times. We have not repented of our rebellion, arrogance, greed, perversion, murder or witchcraft. The Lord has not given up on America, this is why He is bringing judgment; so that we will repent.

Make sure that your lamps are filled saints. Night soon approaches...

Mena Lee Jones
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries